Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The wedding: Part 3

The wedding went fantastically. They couldn't have asked for it to go better if they tried. The ceremony was beautiful!

It turned out I didn't need my silly putty after all. For one thing it was quite a short ceremony, for another thing I was kept amused by 3 year old "Sharny" (Rachel's cousin - I think - who was the flower girl). She had a lot to say, and was SO CUTE!

Just after we sat down she said, "I'm getting married today too.... 'Cause then I'll be a big girl." Which I thought was super sweet. They couldn't persuade her to walk down the isle with the bridesmaids though. They almost did a couple of times, but then she changed her mind and wanted her "Mummy" instead. She was very well behaved too, and only started getting whiny about 5:00 pm (ish) which - considering the ceremony started at 2:00 pm and she'd been hanging around for at least close to an hour before it too - I thought was fantastic. I think most people were getting tired by that point anyway, lol!


It's a tradition in Wales to serve Welsh cakes and punch while the guests are mingling after the ceremony and before the dinner - or whatever the couple has planned for afterwards - so Carl and Rachel decided to do that. The Welsh cakes were pretty good. They could have done with being cooked very slightly longer and having a little less sugar, but... *shrugs*... They were made by an English person not a Welsh person so when you take in to account that they've probably never made them before then they were fantastic! They were good enough so I ended up with four anyway. LOL! I was given one as we came out from the ceremony, my Grandma didn't want hers so gave it to me, and a waiter brought a tray around and asked if he could interest me in another. I told him, "they're Welsh cakes, you can interest me in as many as you like!" So he told me to, "take two then... There's still another full tray and everyone's had at least one," so I took him up on the offer. LOL!

But you don't want to hear about Welsh cakes, do you? Oh, no! You want to see some wedding photos, right? OK... Ready?

Here are a couple of photos of Carl and Rachel that were taken after the ceremony.

After the "mingling" there was a formal dinner. A three course meal where a couple of people made speeches, we toasted the newly wed couple, and so on.

The dinner was fantastic. I had what they'd called an "adult nugget" meal. You see, the options were for fish and chips or vegetable lasagne, and since I'm not too keen on fish (I'll eat it, but only if I feel in the mood) and the same applies to lasagne, Carl said I could opt for the "childrens' meal" which was chicken nuggets and chips. I told him I'd prefer that, so they arranged for an adult sized portion of that meal. There was soup for starters, but I don't eat soup, so I just munched on a bread roll while everyone else had their soup. And the desert was a cheesecake with whipped cream. I think it was a toffee cheesecake, and the whipped cream had little chocolate bits in it that Wendy said resembled little caterpillars (I'll tell you who Wendy is in a minute).

Bernard (Rachel's Dad), Ollie (the best man) and Carl all made speeches. They were all fantastic speeches. Long enough to cover everything, but not so long you get bored before they're half done. They were quite amusing in places too. But I wont go in to detail. Instead I'll just share a photo of Carl and Rachel cutting the cake.

I do have a photo of the cake itself, but I forgot to add it when I was grabbing these others and Blogger wont let me put more than four pics per post at the moment. Will post a pic of the cake after.


On my table (the "Dark Angels" table) was Wayne, Nan, Grandma, Grandad, Maggie, Wendy and, of course, me. Maggie and Wendy I've known for years, but haven't seen since I was about 14 years old. They were support assistants for myself and Carl when we were in school. I left school younger than I should have and haven't kept in touch with them, but Carl - who stayed right up to sixth form - kept in touch so invited them to the wedding. I'm glad they came, it was nice to get to speak to them after all this time. We had a lot to catch up on.

Oh, and I found out that Maggie knew I'd been doing Carl's maths homework for him... Oops! LOL!



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

a lovely blog tori with lovely photo's, and yes the food was excelent , by the way the soup was tomato with basil in it and that was lovely to, and the cheese cake " well " that was grrreat mmmmmm really lovely, the chocolate caterpillers werent bad either,lol.

AliceKay said...

Really nice pics, Tori. Rachel's wedding gown is beautiful and Carl looks pretty spiffy himself.

I can post 5 pics to my blog at one time to get them in the order I want them without them messing up, but if I want to post more, I just go back and add some more before hitting publish. Just make sure you post the group of pics you want to show toward the end of your post first. When you want to add more, go back to the pictures link and add some more. Make sure you click on the "Add another image" link when you want to add another pic in the group. (i posted 14 pics in one blog post a bit ago)

Tori_z said...

Well, you can keep your soup. I don't do soup. As I said at dinner, "it's like food trying to be drink, or drink trying to be food... It needs to make its mind up!"

The chocolate caterpillars in the cream were good though. :)

Rachel showed me her gown after everything was over (when it didn't matter if it got dirty, lol) so I know how beautiful it is. She was glad to be able to take it off though I bet. I know that Rachel is really pretty, so I "know" she looked beautiful in that gown. I just hope the photos did her justice. And Carl... Well, everyone knows how handsome he is even when he's not dressed up, so I don't need to be able to see the photos to know how lovely the two of them looked.

As for the photo thing...

It's easier for me to just stick to the one batch of photos per post. As it is I have to go in to the "edit html" tab and fiddle in there to put the text where I want it (remember, I can't click and drag). So I'd rather do half a dozen or more posts and get everything how I want it than just do one post and have things in some random mess. Thanks for the tip though. Will bear it in mind for any time I don't care what order the pics go in. :)