Saturday, August 09, 2008

Warning: LBE (long blog entry) & FD (food discussed)

First of all I would like to ask anyone who hasn't yet done so to scroll down and read the post I did earlier this morning, as I would like all of you to read it. Thank you! :)


It occured to me yesterday (Friday) that - though I have posted several posts since I've been back - I haven't actually done what I call a "proper" post. I had intended to amend this at some point during the evening, but became side-tracked with doing other things (one of which was sleeping).

I have to admit I was a little disappointed about this, because I had been looking forward for days to pointing out how cool it was that yesterday's date was "08-08-08" so no matter whether you wrote the day first (as we do over here) or the month first (as people seem to do in the US and Canada) or even the year first (as my bank does online for some weird reason) you'd get the exact same thing. Yes, I'd been looking forward to mentioning that and having at least one or two of you say something along the lines of, "Oh yeah! So it is!" But, alas, it was not to be. Perhaps next year on September 9th I'll have better luck? *Looks hopeful*


So, what have I been up to since I got back? Well...

Tuesday I ordered some of the DVDs I want from my "stuff I want" list. Most of them were Christmas movies since I decided a couple of months ago I would concentrate on them first. Why? Because then I'd have them to watch around Christmas instead of sticking with the pitiful selection of Christmas movies that are shown on TV around Christmas time nowadays. I figured if I got these now then the other movies - which would still be on my list and therefore submitted as optional Christmas gifts - could be brought some other time. That way I'd have Christmasy movies to watch around Christmas time, and - hopefully - a selection of non-Christmasy movies for Christmas, which can be watched throughout next year. You see, there is a method in my madness! Also, most people tend to buy their Christmasy movies closer to Christmas, so buying mine now increases the chances of actually finding the ones I want are in stock. Aha! Two methods to my madness! :)

One of the DVDs wasn't Christmas themed though. Nope! It was "The Water Horse"... A movie people keep telling me I'll like, so I added it to my list. Then LadyStyx got it, and my Mam said she was dying to see it, so I figured I'd go ahead and buy it. Mam wants to watch it with me on Saturday (not today, next week) since she's with me for the weekend.

I also have a new DVD player. Originally we were going to put it aside for a birthday present for me, and had only brought it now to make sure we had the one I wanted. However, since my old one is annoying the crap out of me (it keeps pausing at weird points during the DVD for no reason, and sometimes refuses to finish playing the DVD at all) I asked Kelly if he minded me having the DVD player early. He told me I could if I wanted but would then need to find something else for my birthday. So I told him that wouldn't be a problem. LOL! I will be setting up my new DVD player later on today. :)

I'm keeping my old one to set up in the bedroom though. It's a pain in the butt but still works "OK-ish" and I figure if I want to watch a DVD so badly I'm heading for the bedroom to watch it then I can put up with the pausing and having to take the DVD out, get back to where I was then press play again to make it finish playing the movie. Besides, it's better than the one we had in our room - which is now in the spare room - which is selective about what DVDs it feels like playing. And, just because it wouldn't play it yesterday, doesn't mean it wont today. It's VERY tempramental. But I figure it'll do in there for now. We don't exactly have a lot of people going in there to watch DVDs anyway. LOL!


As you may remember me mentioning in my first post about the wedding (entitled "The wedding: Part 1") my Mam (and her friend Kelly) came to help me sort out the photos. So I spent most of the rest of Tuesday sorting out which one was going in which post, and so on.

I also made a fantastic discovery - or, I think it's fantastic - while sorting the posts. I accidentally stumbled upon the key combination to make jaws click on what it calls "mouse-over graphics" (like the "add image" icon). Of course, I had no idea what I'd pressed, so spent some time attempting to find the key combination again. And do you think I could? NO! I eventually admited defeat, and - now knowing that it was possible so must be mentioned "somewhere" - decided to look in the Jaws user guide. This is a big step for me because I usually avoid user guides. Anyway, I eventually found it (and found out that - without the confusing images - user guides are actually helpful) so can now add photos to my blog all by myself! *Smiles proudly*


Wednesday I made a start on Christmas shopping. The main reason for doing this is that the items I ordered (stuff for Carl and a couple of bits Kelly told me to get to put aside for myself) take a couple of months to be made and delivered due to them being special order items (like some braille books - not all, but some - and tactile games). I want them here in plenty of time, and since Carl and Rachel are coming to collect and drop off Christmas presents at the end of October so they can enjoy their first Christmas as a couple in peace... Well, I need the stuff here by the start of October (especially since there are a few items in the order for Carl for his birthday in mid October).

The only other interesting thing that happened on Wednesday was that I had some Chinese food. It was a shame Mam and Dad weren't down for dinner or we'd have gotten them some too (not to mention been able to have from the better place, which doesn't deliver). There are three places really close to me to get Chinese food. One of them is an easy walk, but none of us really like it. Another one I don't know how close it is, but they deliver and are "pretty good" (that's the one we had from on Wednesday). Then there's my favourite place... The place we go to for dinner out most of the time, and which has recently started doing take-away (this is the place we actually wanted to have from). Maybe in a couple of weeks we'll buy Mam and Dad Chinese food in exchange for them going and fetching it for us? (They have a car... We don't... You do the math! LOL!)

Anyway... I had chicken fried rice, sweet & sour chicken in batter and some spring rolls. Kelly had chicken fried rice and chicken in some sort of lemon sauce. I wanted some duck pancakes, but the only place that does them without you having to eat in - or buy them from Tesco, lol - is "The Royal Kitchen" (the favourite Chinese place).


Thursday morning Kelly made me a fried breakfast... It was very tasty! He'd planned on making it on either Tuesday or Wednesday, but kept forgetting to get the bacon out of the freezer. Never mind, it was worth waiting for. :)

I spent a bit of time reading "Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them" but have come to the conclusion that people don't want me to finish reading it quickly. It's not a long book, but I only get to read about a beast or two before I get interupted. Be it by the phone, the door, needing to do something (like change the washing over) or whatever. I've been reading it for more than a week now and I'm only on the "h" beasts. Never mind, I'll get it read soon.


I spoke to Eleri on Thursday and was given some bad news. Eleri's Dad has terminal cancer and has only been given a couple of months longer to live, because it's gone to his brain. Kelly had told me on Monday when I got home that he (Eleri's Dad) had terminal cancer, but I'd hoped he'd have years rather than months left.

I feel for Eleri and Faye. Only a couple of months ago Eleri's Mam died (I think from the same sort of thing) and now they're faced with the news that soon her Dad will be gone too... *Sigh*... Life is so cruel to some people! :(

She insists she's "fine" but I'm not convinced. I think it's the sort of "fine" that really means "not too good, but I'm not ready to talk about it." Or maybe "not too good, but I don't want to burden you with my problems." Something along those lines anyway. I wish there was something I could do or say to help. But what can one do in these situations? *Shrugs helplessly* Just let her know I'm there if she needs someone, I suppose...


Yesterday (Friday) Kelly made me waffles for breakfast. So I "finally" got my waffles. It's not the same as in a waffle house, but they were still really good waffles! :)

Most of my DVDs arrived yesterday. "The Water Horse" was among them. So it's labeled and ready to watch with Mam next weekend. I was going to watch it through the week, but there's not much point if I'll be watching it next Saturday. Besides, I've got two books on the go I want to finish reading since I don't really like having more than one book on the go at once.

Kelly ordered some stuff for working on his Warhammer figures on Tuesday and thankfully the stuff arrived yesterday. Why "thankfully"? Because he was driving me nuts all day Wednesday, all day Thursday and Friday morning because it hadn't arrived and the last two times was with him the next day. I think he was just about ready to kidnap the postman and demand he deliver the package "or else!" I swear he just about snatched it out of the poor postman's hands when it arrived. LOL!

You see, Kelly operates under the rule that if he orders it today they should have it to him next day. Never mind the fact that - as a general rule - it takes three or more days for most packages to arrive. Some can take a lot longer. Yes, OK, you do get some that manage to slip through quicker and get to you the next day, but not many. That is how it "should" work with stuff from the same country. But it doesn't. What gets me is the fact it did when the postmen were stuck with dog sleds, bikes, horse drawn carts, etc. But now that they have vans, trains, etc... Oh, no! They couldn't possibly get the stuff here quickly! Nope! It actually takes longer now. I'm sure I read somewhere that you could get a parcel from here to America in about two weeks in the days when it was only boats that took things across the sea. So why then does it take a minimum of 4 weeks (often more like 8 or 9 weeks) to do it now that there are planes flying back and forth several times a day? It just doesn't make sense!

OK... Rant over! LOL!

Moving on...

I spent a fair bit of yesterday morning working on the post about the hotel and garden. It actually took me two hours just to put the post together... That's without researching time... LOL! It was fun though. I see why doing those kinds of posts help Iggy keep up his walking. Maybe I'll see if I can find some other topics to investigate in the near future? Any suggestions? I usually just post information on whatever catches my attention at the time, but am open to suggestions. Who knows? They may grab my interest enough to become my next topic to investigate. :)


I spent half the afternoon sorting out my books in the bedroom. I had to get the audio books I'd brought while in Norwich labeled (we did the DVDs in the morning when they arrived) and wanted to sort out my "bedside library" to make sure books I'd read or listened to (depending on whether they were braille or audio) were put away on the shelves, and ones I hadn't were neatly beside my bed for easy access.

The only ones I haven't listened to but aren't there are my Terry Pratchet audio books. There are almost 30 of them so I left them on the shelf because I don't really want a stack that big beside my bed. LOL! I have listened to some of them before - with Carl when I was younger - but wanted to start from the beginning and work through since I'm not entirely certain which ones I've listened to and which ones I haven't. I'm going to listen to them soon though... Maybe even this side of Christmas? LOL!

Afterwards I spent some time finishing up getting caught up on blogs. As I mentioned near the beginning of this post, I was then going to do a "proper post" but I got side-tracked.

First of all, dinner was ready (a chicken dinner). Then Kelly decided that since - apart from making my food - he'd pretty much neglected me since Tuesday (gee... I hadn't noticed), he was going to spend the evening with me. Which he did. Unfortunately, since we were both tired most of it was spent sleeping. LOL! Still, the thought was there... Gotta give him credit for trying. :)


I think that covers just about everything. And even if it doesn't, this post is long enough anyway. LOL! Besides, thanks to the lousy timing of my anti-virus programme, this post has taken almost an hour longer than it should have. It started doing its scan when I was almost finished writing this post, and Jaws wont speak when it's running for some weird reason (it's not just on the laptop... I had the same issue on the actual PC). So I had to wait for it to do all its updates, scans, etc before I could finish the post.


Enjoy your Saturday. :)



KAYLEE said...

I feel for elmeri and Fay :(

Karen said...

There see I did read it all :)
It's lovely to know what you get up to when I'm not there even though you tell me on the phone lol

Love mam xxx

LadyStyx said...

Good thoughts going out to Eleri and Faye. *HUGZ*

We've had some dvd players finicky like that too. Even with a good cleaning they can be really fussy.

Havent had a chance to watch the one dvd you mentioned yet. Maybe today. There isnt much on tv until this evening anyhow.

Dont interruptions like that just bug the daylights outta you? You try to do whatever and get constantly interrupted but the minute you put it down, nothin. *shakes head*

whimsical brainpan said...

I have never heard of "The Water Horse". What is it about?

Congrat on the new DVD player and figuring out how to add pics to your blog.

I just started my Christmas shopping too!

I am so sorry to hear about your friend Eleri's Dad.

ChicagoLady said...

I received a dvd player a couple years ago, when the rental places all switched to dvd and I kind of needed one if I was ever going to rent a movie again. It was just something basic and relatively cheap, and it works fine, but it's sort of finicky.

When I first turn it on and switch the tv to the proper channel, I open the player, insert the disc, then wait a few seconds. See, the dvd doesn't read the disc properly the first time, and it just sits there. So I have to hit the "open" button, wait about 2 minutes for it to open, then I can close it and then it reads the disc and takes me to the main menu. Kind of a pain in the ass, but I guess I've gotten used to it now, lol.

Tori_z said...

I'm sure Eleri and Faye appreciate the good thoughts, etc.

LOL! Well, I've got to make sure you know I'm not getting up to anything I shouldn't be... *winks*

Yep... That's how it works! Interuption after interuption when you've got stuff you need or want to get done. But when you give up and are just sitting there twiddling your thumbs... Nothing! *Shaking head* It's like people have this instinctive knowledge of when you're busy and decide that - just for the fun of it - they're going to pay you a visit or call you or whatever at that moment.

Hope you did get to watch the movie and - if you did - that you enjoyed it. :)


I'm not 100 % certain of the plot of the movie. After I've watched it I'll do a review anyway though, so look out for that next week.

Glad it's not only me already sorting things for Christmas. :)

Sounds like fun... NOT! Mind you, once you're used to it you don't really notice too much, do you? I mean, it was Mam, Wayne and Kelly (all of whom use the DVD player, but not as often as me) who were moaning about the issues with my old one most. I hardly noticed any more. Although... It was nice watching a DVD without people stopping in the middle of words or sentences yesterday. LOL!

AliceKay said...

My heart goes out to Eleri and Faye. It's a tough situation, but I'm sure knowing you're there to talk to will be a help.

And wow, you're a busy gal, Tori. :)

Hope you had a great weekend. *hugs*

LadyStyx said...

Havent watched it yet. I tend to get....well side tracked easily and next thing I realized, it was too late to start it because something else I was looking forward to was coming on the television (What it was at this point, I have no clue, but at the time it was of the utmost impostance...).

From the back of the dvd for whim's question:
"When a lonely young boy named Angus discovers a large, mysterious egg along the shores of Loch Ness, no one is prepared for what lies within. He soon discovers that the strange, michievous hatchling inside is none other than The Water Horse, the loch's most mysterious and fabled creature! But with the Water Horse growing ten times its size every day, Angus finds it increasingly difficult to keep his new friend a secret." The picture on the cover shows the boy in a boat with what I would guess is the accepted version of a Loch Ness "monster" behind him. I suspect it'll be alot like Eragon to start (only more of a comedy instead of a drama) because the story basically starts the same...a strange egg is found that hatches into something unusual and it becomes increasingly hard to hide the mysterious animal as it matures.

Intense Guy said...

*collapses after reading this entry from malnutrition and dehydration*

You've been busy busy busy! and I'm glad you got Jaws and the picture thing figured out - that's most impressive.

Poor Eleri and Faye - life plays downright dirty sometimes.

Tori_z said...

Well.. Gotta keep busy. Can't be sitting around doing nothing all day or I'll have nothing to blog about. *winks*

Yeah... I can understand that one. I think that happens to everyone. Never mind, you'll get to watch it soon, I'm sure. :)

Thanks for posting the info from the back of the movie for Whim. :)

*Makes mental note not to forget the "GCSF" (grab a cuppa and some food) warning next time* We wouldn't want anyone suffering lasting affects from lack of food or drink after reading my blog entries, would we? LOL!