Thursday, December 06, 2007

Bad weather, but a good day

Yesterday (Wednesday) I called the doctors' office to find out where my letter from the doctor was. Turned out it's been waiting for me but the receptionist just didn't call and let me know... *rolls eyes*... So, today (Thursday) Kelly went to fetch it for me. Now I've just got to get it taken in to the council office.

And, speaking of letters, I called our local beat officer (the one who gave me his mobile number in case those kids came back) and asked him if he would write us a letter. He said he'd already called the council on our behalf, but if they want it in writing too then he'll be happy to do that for us. He said he'd get the letter written over the weekend, and then would come and see us next week to let us know what he'd said in the letter.

So, those two letters will bump up my points a bit more. :)

Plus, I still need to chase up the letter from my social worker. So, when that one gets to the council that will help even more.


I listened to "Carrie's War" by Nina Bawden yesterday. I've read it, listened to it, and seen the movie tons of times before, but I could still do so again! For those who don't know, it's a story about a girl named "Carrie" and her brother "Nick" who are evacuated from London to Wales during the war. The story is about what happens to them while they are there. It's a fantastic story that is a must read for anyone who enjoys books about what happened to people during the war, which I do.

Wayne and Elizabeth were going to come down this evening, but the weather's too bad for people to be going anywhere - especially if they're planning on walking (like Wayne and Elizabeth were) - so they didn't bother. Still no snow though. It's just really windy and POURING with rain. Even Kero and the cats aren't interested in going outside. LOL!

I was right that Kero's treat from his advent calender was still in our bedroom. I found it when I went in to the bedroom to go to bed last night, so I threw it away. We had another attempt at offering him the calender this morning, but he wasn't in the least bit interested in it. We've decided we're not going to bother trying any more. No point if we're just going to end up throwing the treats away. Going to just give the calender to Mam for Willow. She does have one of her own, but I'm sure she wont mind having two treats a day this year. I mean, I know I wouldn't mind having two calenders... LOL!

Mam is doing a fantastic job with her driving. She did her theory test today and passed. So, she's really proud of herself, which she should be! We're all really proud of her too! The way she's going it wont be long now before she's got her full lisence.

Well, I think that just about covers everything interesting. Before I end this though, here's my menu for the week (for those of you who are interested):

Friday: Sausage Cassarole
Saturday: Cheese, chips and gravy
Sunday: Roast beef dinner
Monday: Spaghetti bolagnese
Tuesday: Gammon, chips and peas
Wednesday: Sausage, mash and beans
Thursday: Macaroni cheese

Enjoy what's left of your day.



Karen said...

I'm sure she won't mind either Tori if it's a treat she'll have it but then it doesn't have to be a treat does it? she will eat anything and I mean anything!!!
mam xx

Tori_Z said...

True. LOL!

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like our chihuahua...that goat'll eat anything. She's actually less fussy than her "daddy" as she'll eat fruit and many items that he wont even touch.

Awesome that you're getting those letters. I hope they get you the help you need.

Tori_Z said...

Yep, that's what Willow's like. LOL! Kero's a lot more picky with what he eats though. But not Willow.

I hope they do too!

AliceKay said...

Congrats to your Mam...she's doing great!

By the way, what is Gammon?

KAYLEE said...


Tori_Z said...

Gammon is basically a bit of pork. It's somewhere between a pork joint and bacon in flavour and usually boneless. The ones I buy are flat and round and cook quite quickly.

You're welcome. :) I'm fine. You?

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well thats a shame that kero wont eat his christmas bits from his calender, funny thing is my jayde wont either.

and i think i would like to come to dinner all next week,lol, it all looks very good.

its good news that your mam passed her theory test( and i told her so ).

Tori_Z said...

I guess we've spoiled them so much that "plain old dog treats" just aren't good enough. LOL!

You can come to dinner, but you have to pay your own train fare. Just spent all my money on food to make all those yummy dinners. LOL!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

thanks for the offer tori, and of course if i came to dinner i would pay my own fare,i might even bring some ( FUDGE ) lol.

Tori_Z said...

Mmm... Fudge! If you're bringing fudge you're DEFINATELY allowed in! LOL!

(The "coconut ice" and "plain fudge" are my favourite... Hint, hint)


ChicagoLady said...

What is the "theory test" that your mam had to pass? I've never heard of anything like that.

Sounds like someone outside is scraping ice off a car...hmmmm maybe I should check the weather...

Tori_Z said...

Getting your driving lisence works differently over here to how it does in the US and Canada. I'm not 100% certain how it works, but the first part of it is the theory test. Maybe if you post your question on my Mam's blog she can help a bit more.