Thursday, December 20, 2007

More Christmas movie reviews

Since I haven't really done anything (again) I figured I'd just post about the Christmas movies I've watched over the last 24 hours. So, here you go...

The first movie was called "Under The Mistletoe" and was about a boy (I can't remember his name) who lost his Dad in a car accident, but his Dad is so devoted to his family he can't let go. So the Dad sticks around, and is visible (in spectral form) to the boy, but nobody else can see him, because they don't believe he's still there. And the Dad helps to find a new man for his widow, because he wants to make sure she's got someone to look after her before he moves on. It was a lovely movie, but quite sad in places. It had a bitter-sweet ending, that could bring tears to just about anyone's eyes.

After that I watched "The Christmas That Almost Didn't Happen" again. You may remember me mentioning it the other day... It's that cute little animated movie about "Rusty" the reindeer trying to find his place in Christmas, and ending up saving Christmas in the process. A really sweet little movie!

I also watched "Home By Christmas" which was about a devorcee trying to survive in a rough neighbourhood. She ends up homeless and is trying not to let her daughter (who was away in college or something) find out. But then her daughter comes home for Christmas and sort of complicates things. It was a good movie, actually.

And, I watched a movie called "His And Her Christmas" and was about a journalist named "Tom" who works for a newspaper that's trying to swallow up a smaller one owned by a journalist named "Liz." But Liz starts up a Christmas column in an attempt to save her paper, and Tom is assigned the job of writing a simular column for his own paper. They become rivals, but that's not how things stay. It was a good movie.

I've also just watched "Scrooged" again. I think that is about the fourth - or is it fifth? - time I've seen that one this year. LOL!

The only other thing I've done - apart from taking Kero out in the yard, helping Kelly with the dishes, and that sort of thing - is read a cute little Christmas story. I don't have many braille books at the moment, but one of the ones I do have is called "The Bear Father Christmas Forgot" and is by someone called Diana Kimpton. It's a childrens' Christmas story about a bear who falls out of Father Christmas' sack and because Father Christmas doesn't notice him, he doesn't get delivered. So, when Father Christmas takes off in his sleigh, the little bear jumps out and climbs down the chimney to deliver himself. My brother (Carl) gave me the book a good few years ago (before I even met Kelly) and I read it back then, but haven't read it for a while. So, I thought I'd read it last night, since I wanted something to read, and thought a Christmasy story would be appropriate. It's a cute little story, and I absolutely love it.

Anyway, like I said, I haven't really done anything today, so I've not got anything else to say.

Oh, except "happy birthday" to my friend Patrick... It's his birthday today.



AliceKay said...

Sounds like you've been enjoying the Christmas themed movies. What will you watch once Christmas is over?

Tori_Z said...

That depends on what's on, and what movies (if any) I get from people for Christmas. LOL!

ChicagoLady said...

I watched Under the Mistletoe last week. I hadn't seen it before, it was cute. I've also seen His & Her Christmas a couple times, it's cute too. There are a few that I haven't seen on tv yet this year. Not sure if they're on channels I no longer get or what.