Saturday, December 08, 2007

My Friday & Saturday

Yesterday (Friday) I was "meant to" be going shopping late afternoon/early evening. But things didn't work out as planned. Kelly (Mam's friend, not my hubby) was "meant to" be Mam's co-driver so Mam could drive me to Asda, but she sent Mam a text some time in the afternoon to say she couldn't do it. So, Mam stopped at my place on her way home from her driving lesson with Laura (a family friend) to tell me about the text. To cut a long story short, it ended up that Dad had to take us to Asda instead, and we never managed to go until about 8:00 pm. Laura would have taken us, but by the time Mam got the text she'd already spent the afternoon giving Mam lessons, and had to get back to Mark (her partner). It was after 10:00 pm that I got home, so by the time the groceries were put away I was just about ready to fall in to bed (hence not doing a blog post yesterday). I must have been really tired, because I slept right through the night and didn't wake up until a little before 10:30 am.

Kelly (my hubby) is going to be doing the shopping by himself for the rest of this year. Mam and Dad have so much going on that they barely have time to blink, so I've asked Kelly to go in to town on the bus, go to Tesco and get a cab home until after the new year. We'll probably keep it that way until Mam gets her lisence to make it easier on everyone.

Before I went shopping last night, I watched "Miracle On 3rd Street" which is a Christmas movie that is based on a cartoon called "Recess" which I like to watch. "Recess" is a "Disney" cartoon about a group of friends and all the things they get up to during "recess" at their school, and "Miracle On 3rd Street" is a Christmas movie about those same kids. I've seen it before, and enjoyed it every time I've watched it.

I haven't done much today (Saturday). Kelly went up to my Dad's gaming club, so I spent the day at home by myself (well, unless you count Kero, the cats, the hamster and the fish).

AliceKay sent me the Jordin Sparks songs, so I got them put on to a CD and listened to it. I really enjoyed it too!

Other than that all I've really done is check blogs for new posts, and watch some TV. Been looking for "Christmasy" shows to watch. Found some too. Right now, for example, I'm watching a movie called "Scrooged" which I think I've seen before, but I'm not sure. Either way, it seems like a pretty good movie. Kinda like a modern day version of Charle's Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" by the looks of it.

Well, I think that's just about everything.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well tori your mam is a very busy person isnt she,and i bet she felt awful having to leave your shopping so late, so i guess you were all whacked out when you got home.

and i am sure your kelly wont mind getting the shopping for a while.

and did you enjoy the film ( sgrooge ) and i know you are right when you described itas i have seen it and i liked it.

I suppose the dog/cats/hamster and the fish count as company,lol.

Tori_Z said...

Yes, I did enjoy the film

KAYLEE said...


KAYLEE said...


ChicagoLady said...

Scrooged...the one with Bill Murray? There are so many versions and variations of A Christmas Carol that have come out over the years.

Tori_Z said...

I'm fine. Glad you are too... Hope that's still the case. :)

Yes, that's the one.