Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th July!

It's still raining a fair bit here, and I've not really done much today. I got up late, because I went to bed late (I was reading my book... I'm about half way through it already) and about all I've done today is; posted a couple of things on here, fiddled with some bits on some of the pages of our site, and watched some TV.

Chance's paws are sore. He jumped up on the cooker (where he's not meant to be, and he knows it) right after we'd had the cooker on to make dinner. Of course, the silly little bugger ended up burning his paws on the ring that had 'just' been turned off. I've told him before that one day he would burn his paws from jumping up there, but I guess he didn't believe me. Anyway, I cooled his paws with damp tissue, and now he's curled up beside me on his bed, fast asleep. He should be fine by the morning.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

oh poor-poor chance , wonder if he learnt his lesson ??? , hope his paws are not to badly burnt ( kisses from gr/grandma for him )xx

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

No, they're not too badly burned. Just a bit tender, and you can see where some of his fur got a bit singed. I don't know about learning his lessong though. I sure hope he's learned from it, but I wouldn't hold your breath if I were you.

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about Chance burning his paws. Pets learn like kids do, and I think they learn faster than kids do sometimes.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks AK,
Yeah, I've noticed that pets often learn quicker than kids too. LOL! The thing is, Chance isn't usually all that good at learning from mistakes, even if it means he gets hurt. Megan's not much better either. LOL! Sakura learns from her mistakes though. Anyway, I just hope that Chance has actually learned from this. I'd hate it to happen again. It could be worse next time.

ChicagoLady said...

Sorry to hear about Chance burning his paws. Hope they are better soon. Technically it's Independence Day, although way too many Americans still call the holiday the 4th of July.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks ChicagoLady.

Well, 4th of July was easier to write, and I didn't know there was a difference, lol!